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Midbrain tegmentum

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Part of  Midbrain
NeuroNames  hier-482
Latin  Tegmentum Mesencephali
NeuroLex ID  Midbrain Tegmentum
Midbrain tegmentum
MeSH  A08.

The midbrain is also known as the Mesencephalon and is one of the three major brain divisions. The midbrain is broken up into the tectum and the tegmentum. There are some really important structures located within the tegmentum. The midbrain tegmentum is the part of the midbrain extending from the substantia nigra to the cerebral aqueduct in a horizontal section of the midbrain. It forms the floor of the midbrain that surrounds the cerebral aqueduct. Additional structures include the reticular formation, red nucleus, ventral tegmental area (VTA) and the periaqueductal grey matter. The midbrain tegmentum contains thousands of neurons that are responsible for a variety of many functions, two of which include the control of movement and sensory systems.


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