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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Vandeae
Rank  Genus
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Subtribe  Aeridinae
Similar  Diplocaulobium, Grobya, Cadetia, Micropera, Acanthephippium

Microsaccus is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia.

  1. Microsaccus affinis J.J.Sm. - Java
  2. Microsaccus albovirescens J.J.Sm. - Sumatra
  3. Microsaccus ampullaceus J.J.Sm. - Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia
  4. Microsaccus borneensis J.J.Sm. - Borneo
  5. Microsaccus canaliculatus J.J.Sm. - Sumatra
  6. Microsaccus dempoensis J.J.Sm. - Sumatra
  7. Microsaccus griffithii (C.S.P.Parish & Rchb.f.) Seidenf. - Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Philippines
  8. Microsaccus javensis Blume - Malaysia, Java
  9. Microsaccus ramosus J.J.Sm. - Java
  10. Microsaccus sumatranus J.J.Sm. - Malaysia, Sumatra
  11. Microsaccus truncatus Carr - Malaysia
  12. Microsaccus wenzelii Ames - Philippines


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