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A microframework is a term used to refer to minimalistic web application frameworks. It is contrasted with full-stack frameworks, also called enterprise frameworks.

It lacks most of the functionality which is common to expect in a full-fledged web application framework, such as;

  • Accounts, authentication, authorization, roles, etc.
  • Database abstraction via an object-relational mapping.
  • Input validation and input sanitation.
  • Web template engine.
  • Typically, a microframework facilitates receiving an HTTP request, routing the HTTP request to the appropriate controller, dispatching the controller, and returning an HTTP response. Microframeworks are often specifically designed for building the APIs for another service or application. For example, Lumen microframework is designed for Microservices development and API development.


  • Bottle for Python
  • Camping for Ruby
  • Eclipse MicroProfile for Java 8
  • Express.js for Node.js
  • Flask for Python
  • Flight for PHP
  • Grape for Ruby
  • Kemal for Crystal
  • Lumen for PHP
  • Nancy FX for C#/.NET
  • Ratpack for Java 8
  • Scalatra for Scala
  • Silex for PHP
  • Sinatra for Ruby
  • Slim for PHP
  • Spark for Java 8
  • Spring Boot for Java
  • Symfony (Microkernel) for PHP
  • Zend Expressive for PHP
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