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Micom Film and TV Productions

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MICOM Film and TV Productions was established in 1989 by Sreco Mihelcic in a Former Yugoslavian republic Slovenia. In the early 90' company joined two sons, Matjaz Mihelcic - Program director, Producer and Vasja Mihelcic - technical director and Executive Producer. MICOM was in 1990s the leading Slovenian creative house, producing TV shows for youth, popular entertainment TV shows and discovered many new TV concepts. Micom discovered many talents, different creative people and gave them possibility to express themselves. The most popular TV shows were: Lahkih nog naokrog (educational youth TV series), Cari zacimb (entertaining cooking TV series), Razpoke v casu (fantasy TV series). They also produced documentary movies. One of them got in 1996 internationally release - Fight for the river and it's distributed by International Historic Films.. In the beginning of 2000 company joined Marjana Mihelcic. It was a family based company with long tradition in show and entertainment business. Micom produced around 30.000 minutes of program for National TV Slovenia and other media. In 2002 company stopped producing because of the tragedy in the family. Both sons went separate way and build their own Film and TV production house.


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