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Gender  Male
Word/name  Japanese
Meaning  Different meanings depending on the kanji used

Michinori (written: 道教, 通教, 通憲 or 倫範) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Fujiwara no Michinori (藤原 通憲) (1106–1160), Japanese scholar and Buddhist monk
  • Kujō Michinori (九条 道教) (1315–1349), Japanese kugyō
  • Michinori Shiraishi (白石 通教) (1910–1945), Japanese military officer
  • Michinori Tanaka (田中 路教) (born 1990), Japanese mixed martial artist
  • Michinori Yamashita (山下 倫範) (born 1953), Japanese mathematician
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