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Michelson (surname)

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Pronunciation  MĪ-kul-son
Meaning  "son of 'Who is like God'"
Related names  Michaelson, Mickelson, Michaelsen, Michelsen, Mickelsen

Michelson is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Michel". The prefix Michel-, a variant of Michael, comes from Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎‎ (mee-KHA-el), meaning "Who is like God?" . A common English language surname, there are other English and Scandinavian spellings. It is rare as a given name. People with the name Michelson include:

  • Albert Abraham Michelson, the 19th/20th century physicist, corrected speed of light
  • Gary K. Michelson (born 1949), American orthopedic spinal surgeon and inventor
  • Harold Michelson, American illustrator
  • Leo Michelson, the 20th-century artist
  • Lisa Michelson, American actress
  • Richard Michelson, American writer, poet
  • Robert C. Michelson, U.S. Researcher, progenitor of the field of aerial robotics
  • Truman Michelson (1879–1938), U.S. Indo-Europeanist
  • Ivan Ivanovich Michelson (1740-1807) Baltic-German military commander, general in Russian Imperial Army
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