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People with the last name Michelet include the following. When used alone in an encyclopedic context, Michelet will generally refer to Jules.

  • Several Norwegian people called Christian Fredrik Michelet
  • André Michelet (1869–1928), French sailor and Olympian
  • Athénaïs Michelet (1826–1899), French natural history writer and memoirist
  • Åse Aulie Michelet (born 1952), Norwegian businessperson
  • Carl Johan Michelet (1826–1902), Norwegian lawyer and politician
  • Edmond Michelet (1899–1970), French politician
  • Else Michelet (born 1942), Norwegian journalist
  • Émile Michelet (1867–unknown), French sailor and Olympian
  • H. P. Michelet, Norwegian entrepreneur
  • Jon Michelet (born 1944), Norwegian novelist
  • Jørgen Michelet (1742–1818), Norwegian military officer
  • Jules Michelet (1798–1874), French historian
  • Karl Ludwig Michelet (1801–1893), German philosopher
  • Marie Michelet (1866–1951), Norwegian writer
  • Paul Michelet (1880–1958), Norwegian equestrian
  • Simon Michelet (1863–1942), Norwegian theologian
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