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Authors  Sheng-Da Hsu
Primary citation  Hsu & al. (2011)
Description  Experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions (MTIs).
Data types captured  miRNA-target interactions
Research center  National Chiao Tung University
Laboratory  Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

miRTarBase is a curated database of MicroRNA-Target Interactions. As a database, miRTarBase has accumulated more than fifty thousand miRNA-target interactions (MTIs), which are collected by manually surveying pertinent literature after data mining of the text systematically to filter research articles related to functional studies of miRNAs. Generally, the collected MTIs are validated experimentally by reporter assay, western blot, microarray and next-generation sequencing experiments. While containing the largest amount of validated MTIs, the miRTarBase provides the most updated collection by comparing with other similar, previously developed databases.


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