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Mexicana Flight 704

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Summary  Pilot error or CFIT
Passengers  72
Injuries (non-fatal)  0
Date  4 June 1969
Fatalities  79 (all)
Site  Apodaca, Nuevo León
Crew  7
Survivors  0
Operator  Mexicana de Aviación
Location  Apodaca
Mexicana Flight 704 httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Destination  Del Norte International Airport
Summaries  Pilot error, Controlled flight into terrain
Similar  1969 Aswan Ilyushin Il, Olympic Airways Flight 954, Air France Flight 212, Hawthorne Nevada Airlines Fl, Scandinavian Airlines System Fl

On June 4, 1969, Mexicana Flight 704, a Boeing 727-64 airliner registered XA-SEL, crashed near Salinas Victoria, some 20 miles north of the city of Monterrey. All 79 people on board were killed, including Mexican tennis star Rafael Osuna and politician Carlos A. Madrazo. The aircraft was approaching Del Norte International Airport near Monterrey. It had made a continuous descent in the last 5 minutes before impact. The pilot turned left instead of right once the aircraft had passed over the Monterrey VOR, apparently not knowing his exact position at the time. The aircraft collided with Cerro del Fraile upon impact and broke up.

The crash of Flight 704 was the deadliest aviation accident on Mexican soil until Mexicana Flight 940, another Boeing 727, crashed on March 31, 1986, killing all 167. It remains Mexico's second-deadliest aircraft accident to date, behind Flight 940.


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