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Mexican Jazz

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Mexican Jazz

Mexican Jazz is the given name for the jazz music created by Mexicans or in Mexico since the 1920s, although there were isolated cases even in the genesis of the jazz genre itself.

Mexican Big Bands

México is linked to the Big Band format by many reasons, but the main has to do with the settlement of the famous Cuban, Dámaso Pérez Prado who lived in Mexico since 1945 until his dead.

However was the Mexican actor, orchestra director and singer Luis Arcaraz who was also called Mexico's Jazz King by RKO-Pathé, the main leader in this category. In 1955, Down Beat magazine positioned Arcaraz' band as number four around the world.

Mexican Jazz Bars

Mexican Jazz history has been accompanied by many bars, restaurants or nightclubs that before the rise of a new wave of jazz festivals in the country, were the only alternative for jazz players to expose their projects. Some of those places are:

  1. Bar Nueva Orleans
  2. El Convite
  3. Parker & Lenox
  4. Jazzorca
  5. Las musas de Papá Sibarita

Mexican Jazz Boom

Due to the impact of globalization, around year 2010 Mexican Jazz began to re-flourish as never before. There are many reasons for this boom but the next are the principle:

  • Internet popularisation
  • The end of the supremacy of music companies
  • A strong overall design of national tours done by jazz players and jazz managers
  • Mexican jazz players performing outside the country on a regular basis
  • The saturation of massive genres
  • Social Media as a showcase
  • The birth of websites specialised in Mexican jazz that encourages jazz journalism
  • The opening of bachelors specialised in Jazz and the emergence of schools teaching popular music
  • The supply of Mexican Jazz TV series on open television
  • The media conquest carry out by jazz players, jazz managers and critics
  • New wave of jazz festivals around the country
  • The opening of more jazz clubs and the possibility to play this genre in different bars
  • Mexican Jazz in the Media

    Almost all the 20th century Mexican Jazz was poorly represented in the media with the exception of the radio. But since 2012 it has been gaining ground.



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