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Mexican Fascist Party

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Founded  1922 (1922)
Political position  Far-right
Dissolved  1924 (1924)
Leader  Gustavo Sáenz de Sicilia
Founder  Gustavo Sáenz de Sicilia
Ideology  Fascism (official), Conservatism, Christian right

The Mexican Fascist Party (Partido Fascista Mexicano) was a political party that was formed in Mexico in 1922 that was officially based upon Italian Fascism. The party was founded by Gustavo Sáenz de Sicilia. It was formed largely in opposition to effects of the Mexican Revolution by urban and rural middle class supporters who opposed socialism and agrarian reform who saw fascism as an alternative. The party's base of supporters were largely conservative, Catholic, and antirevolutionary. The party was viewed with dismay by Italian fascists, with the Italian ambassador in 1923 stating that "This party was not anything else than a bad imitation of ours, and did not possess the causes of origin and the finalities of it. It, in fact, assumed the aspect of a political movement tending to gather in the whole country old conservative and Catholic forces dispersed by the revolution, and to form, in this way, a party clearly opposed to the actual government."


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