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Merlin Book 3: The Raging Fires

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Original title  The Fires of Merlin
Cover artist  Tony Sahara
Publisher  Penguin
Originally published  1998
Genre  Fantasy
Illustrator  Larry Rostant
Language  English
Publication date  1998
Author  T. A. Barron
Country  United States of America
Merlin Book 3: The Raging Fires t3gstaticcomimagesqtbnANd9GcSfCw5KYHgIutHJn
Preceded by  Merlin Book 2: The Seven Songs
Followed by  Merlin Book 4: The Mirror of Fate, The Mirror of Fate
Similar  T A Barron books, Lost Years of Merlin series books, Fantasy books

The Raging Fires is a fantasy novel by T. A. Barron originally published by Penguin in 1998. The Raging Fires is the third book in a 12-book series known as The Merlin Saga. This book was originally published as The Fires of Merlin, book three of The Lost Years of Merlin epic, a 5-book series providing a childhood story for the legendary Merlin, wizard of Arthurian legend.

Wings of Fire, the once-sleeping dragon, now threatens Fincayra with his raging fury. Merlin, whose magical powers are new and unproven, is the only one who can stop him - though it could cost the young wizard his life.

Before facing the dragon's fires, Merlin must confront several others: the dreaded kreelixes, who live to devour magic; the mysterious Wheel of Wye; the sorceress Domnu, who holds the treasured Galator; and perhaps most importantly and most challenging, those fires within himself.


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