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Melodic funk

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Stylistic origins
Funk carioca, R&B

Cultural origins
1990s, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Typical instruments
Drum machine, turntable, sampler, synthesizer, vocal

Melodic funk (also known as funk melody) is a subgenre of funk carioca with elements of R&B.


DJ Marlboro's radio show "Big Mix", broadcast since the 80s, has popularised a soft version of the underground funk carioca songs. These soft versions formed a romantic subgenre called melodic funk in Brazil, adding melodies and arrangements to the raw, beat-y funk tunes. Another artist famously known to explore and mix hip-hop and maracatu rhythm with techno beats, Chico Science. Before his death in 1997, he founded the rock band Nação Zumbi. Some would say their music inspired the reinvention of Brazil's traditional music scene toward a more funk/hip-hop democratic scene in the late seventies and early eighties.


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