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Mehmet Ali

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Mehmet Ali, Memet Ali or Mehmed Ali (/ɑːˈl/) is a Turkish given name for males. People with the name include:

  • Memet Ali Alabora (born 1977), Turkish actor
  • Mehmet Ali Ağca (born 1958), Turkish assassin
  • Mehmet Ali Aybar (1908–1995), Turkish sprinter
  • Mehmet Ali Birand (1941–2013), Turkish journalist
  • Mehmet Ali Erbil (born 1957), Turkish comedian
  • Mehmet Ali İrtemçelik (born 1950), Turkish politician
  • Mehmet Ali Pasha, various people
  • Muhammad Ali of Egypt (1769–1849), Albanian-Ottoman governor of Egypt
  • Çerkes Mehmed Ali Pasha (died 1625), Ottoman statesman and grand vizier
  • Mehmed Ali Pasha (1827–1878), German-born Ottoman soldier and marshal
  • Mehmed Emin Aali Pasha (1815–1871), Ottoman statesman and grand vizier
  • Mehmet Ali Şahin (born 1950), Turkish politician
  • Mehmet Ali Talat (born 1952), Turkish Cypriot politician
  • Memet Ali (born 1993), Uyghur-Chinese footballer
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