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Mehmed Necib Pasha

Name  Mehmed Pasha

Mehmed Necib Pasha

Mehmed Necib Pasha (died 1851), also known as Muhammad Najib Pasha or Gürcü Mehmet Necip Pasha or Necib Pasha, was an Ottoman statesman and governor of Georgian origin. He was the governor of Baghdad Eyalet, succeeding Ali Ridha Pasha (who had brought Iraq back into direct Ottoman control).

His father's name was Abdülmucib. His son, Mahmud Nedim Pasha, was a two-time Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.


Mehmed Necib Pasha is known for having the Necip Paşa Library (Turkish: Necip Paşa Kütüphanesi) in Tire built in 1827 (today in İzmir Province, Turkey). At the time, he was serving as the "Minister of Powder Mills" (Turkish: Baruthaneler Nazırı). It is not known why he had it built in Tire, as no known connection between him and the city existed before the library.

The library contains inscriptions made during construction, one of which reads:


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