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Meenay Laas

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Meenay Laas (meaning "Hand of Love" in Pashto) is a Pakistani non-governmental organization established on 28 July 2010 when the worst flood hit the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and thousands of families lost homes and hope. Meenay Laas' founder, Meena Gabeena, visited the area exactly three days after the event when the water level was still high. She went to Nowshera to know about the specific needs of the displaced families. As she came back to the capital Islamabad she raised fund via Meenay Laas' Facebook group that helped her gain attention of different people all around the world because of her close networking.

Her team only had close relatives and friends who were paying visits to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for this cause enabling her to do the work far more quicker than most of the NGOs. 02 Water Filtration plants, capable of generating 700 litres (180 US gal) of pure fresh water per hour, were inaugurated by the founder herself even though local authorities tried to keep her off the track but she never lost hope and stood tall.

After various visit to the region of Kheshi and the outskirts of Nowshera along with various forms of goods, Meenay Laas and Bihaali Foundation are currently working on the reconstruction of the village itself. Meenay Laas and Bahaali Foundation merged and now are one entity working together for the betterment of humanity.

Bahaali Foundation will be working on providing model villages with basic infrastructure including houses, educational institutions, health center, peace area, a collective livestock farm to be shared by all community members, developed roads, and etcetera, while Meenay Laas will be working on education, sustainable living, women empowerment, relief and rehabilitation and elimination of extremism by providing 100% education in that same area. In this way, they think they will be able to completely redevelop the area.

Videos from meenay laas bahaali foundation aftari at kheshgi for 800 flood affectees hq mp4


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