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McLaughlin (surname)

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Meaning  "son of Lochlann"
Language(s) of origin  Gaelic
Region of origin  Ireland; Scotland
Clan affiliations  Clan Maclachlan
Related names  MacLaughlin, MacLoughlin, McLauchlin, McClaughlin, Laughlin, Loughlin, McLochlan, McLachlan, McLaughlan, MacLochlan, MacLachlan, MacLaughlan, O'Loughlin

McLaughlin or MacLaughlin /məˈklɔːxln/ is a surname of Irish and Scottish origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Lochlainn ("son of Lochlann").

The surname is borne by several noted families. One such family is a branch of the Cenél nEógain, closely related to the O'Neill dynasty. Another family, the Scottish Clan Maclachlan, are also related to the O'Neills but derive their surname from a different eponym.

The surname is also born by members of the O'Melaghlin family, the descendants of the King of Meath and later High King of Ireland, Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill (Máel Sechnaill II).


  • Alan C. McLaughlin, Scottish, BAFTA Award winning Cinematographer.
  • Alden McLaughlin, Premier, second elected member for the district George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Alford L. McLaughlin, American, USMC, (1928–1977), Medal of Honor recipient
  • Andrew C. McLaughlin, American historian of Scottish immigrant parents
  • Ann McLaughlin Korologos, (formerly known as Ann Dore McLaughlin) was United States Secretary of Labor from 1987 to 1989
  • Anneisha McLaughlin, a Jamaican sprinter who specializes in the 200 metres
  • Anthony McLaughlin, Canadian, a farmer and political figure in Prince Edward Island
  • Audrey McLaughlin, former leader of Canada's New Democratic Party
  • Barry McLaughlin, a Scottish former professional footballer
  • Benny McLaughlin, a former U.S. soccer forward who starred in the American Soccer League
  • Bernard "Bernie" McLaughlin, Irish-American gangster from Charlestown, Massachusetts and leader of "The McLaughlin Brothers" gang
  • Bernard Joseph McLaughlin, American Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Betsy McLaughlin, American, the current CEO of Hot Topic, Inc. and founder of Torrid
  • Bill McLaughlin, Australian Rugby Union player and President of the Australian Rugby Union
  • Billy McLaughlin, new age acoustic guitarist, composer and producer from Minnesota, United States
  • Bo McLaughlin, American, a Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Brian McLaughlin (footballer born 1954), Scottish footballer, whose clubs include Celtic and Motherwell.
  • Brian McLaughlin (footballer born 1974), Scottish footballer, whose clubs include Celtic and Wigan Athletic.
  • Brian McLaughlin (politician), former American Democratic politician from Flushing, Queens
  • Bruce McLaughlin, Canadian politician who served as a Member of the Northwest Territories Legislature
  • Byron McLaughlin, American, a former professional baseball player
  • Charles Borromeo McLaughlin, American, the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Petersburg
  • Charles F. McLaughlin, American, Nebraska Democratic politician
  • Chester B. McLaughlin (1856–1929), New York lawyer and politician
  • Chris McLaughlin, British journalist, who since 2004 has been editor of the Labour Party-supporting weekly UK magazine Tribune
  • Christian McLaughlin, American, a television writer, producer, and author
  • Corinne McLaughlin, Scottish, author and a leader in the intentional communities movement
  • Dan McLaughlin, American, a professional sports broadcaster who currently works on both St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues telecasts
  • Dave McLaughlin, American writer, director and producer
  • David McLaughlin, Canadian, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
  • David T. McLaughlin, American, the 14th President of Dartmouth College
  • Dean Benjamin McLaughlin, American astronomer
  • Dean McLaughlin, American science fiction writer, and son of Dean B. McLaughlin
  • Denis McLaughlin, Irish footballer currently playing for RS Gimnástica de Torrelavega as a striker
  • Donal McLaughlin, American architect and designer of the Flag of the United Nations
  • Dylan McLaughlin, American film and television actor
  • Earle McLaughlin, a Canadian banker
  • Edward F. McLaughlin, Jr., American politician who served as Lieutenant Governor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Edward McLaughlin, American, a former boxer and a member of the "McLaughlin Brothers" gang of Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Ellen McLaughlin, American playwright and actor for stage and film
  • Emily McLaughlin, American soap opera actress
  • Emma McLaughlin, American novelist
  • Frank McLaughlin (disambiguation)
  • Frederic McLaughlin, American, the first owner of the Chicago Black Hawks
  • Gayle McLaughlin, American, the Green Party mayor of the city of Richmond, California and a member of Richmond's City Council
  • George Vincent McLaughlin, President of the Brooklyn Trust Company; New York City Police Commissioner; State Superintendent of Banks; and Vice Chairman of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority
  • Gibb McLaughlin, English film actor
  • Grace McLaughlin, U.S artistic gymnast
  • Hugh McLaughlin (footballer), Australian rules footballer who played with South Melbourne and Footscray in the VFL during the 1930s
  • Hugh McLaughlin (politician) (1827–1904), American politician and political boss
  • Hugh McLaughlin (publisher) (1918–2006), Irish publisher and inventor
  • James McLaughlin (Indian agent) (1842–1923), U.S. Indian Service Agent & Inspector, ordered the 1890 arrest of Sitting Bull
  • James William McLaughlin (Vice President, Southern Pacific Railroad. Born Alamosa Colorado)
  • James C. McLaughlin (1858–1932), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • James "Kid" McLaughlin (1888–1914), 20th-century baseball player (1914 Cincinnati Reds)
  • James Wellington McLaughlin, Canadian, Ontario doctor and political figure
  • Jason McLaughlin (American soccer), American soccer player, currently plays both midfielder and forward for the Atlanta Silverbacks of the USL First Division
  • Jason McLaughlin, the American student gunman in the Rocori High School shooting
  • Jim McLaughlin (coach), American volleyball coach
  • Jim McLaughlin (footballer), a former Northern Irish footballer
  • Jim McLaughlin (jockey), an American thoroughbred race horse jockey
  • Joe McLaughlin (footballer), Scottish, a retired professional footballer who played for Chelsea
  • Joe McLaughlin (sportswriter), American, one of Texas’ most well-known and respected professional sportswriters
  • Joey McLaughlin, American, a right-handed relief pitcher who played for the Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays, and Texas Rangers
  • John McLaughlin (disambiguation), the name of a number of notable individuals
  • Jon McLaughlin, American pop/rock singer-songwriter
  • Joseph McLaughlin (disambiguation), the name of a number of notable individuals
  • Jud McLaughlin, American, a relief pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Boston Red Sox
  • Keauna McLaughlin, American pair skater
  • Kevin McLaughlin (rugby player), a professional rugby union player from Ireland
  • Kiaran McLaughlin, American Thoroughbred racehorse trainer
  • Leon McLaughlin, American, offensive lineman who played five seasons in the NFL
  • Louisa McLaughlin (1836–1921) British Red Cross nurse in the Franco-Prussian War: Joseph Lister used her nursing home
  • Lyn McLaughlin, the current Mayor of the Burdekin Shire Council in North Queensland, Australia
  • Marie McLaughlin, a Scottish operatic soprano
  • Mark McLaughlin, Scottish footballer currently playing for Scottish Premier League club Hamilton Academical
  • Martin McLaughlin, professor of Italian and Fiat-Serena Professor of Italian Studies at the University of Oxford
  • Mary A. McLaughlin, (born 1946), American federal judge
  • Mary Ann McLaughlin, American cardiologist
  • Mary Louise McLaughlin, American ceramic painter and studio potter from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Mel McLaughlin, Australian television presenter
  • Melvin O. McLaughlin, American, a Nebraska republican politician
  • Michael McLaughlin, for a time, a leading figure on the British far right
  • Michelle McLaughlin, American, was Playboy's Playmate of the Month for February 2008
  • Mignon McLaughlin, American journalist, Glamour Magazine editor and author born in 1913
  • Mike McLaughlin (NASCAR driver), American, a retired NASCAR Busch Series driver
  • Mitchel McLaughlin, Northern Ireland, the former General Secretary of Sinn Féin and an MLA
  • Moses A. McLaughlin, Irish born, Union Army officer, farmer, later a doctor. Known for his role in the Keyesville Massacre, and victorious campaign in the Owens Valley Indian War
  • Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, Irish member of parliament (TD) for Donegal North East, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Pat McLaughlin, American, a successful singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN
  • Patricia McLaughlin, a unionist politician in Northern Ireland and one of the earliest female Members of Parliament from the region
  • Patrick McLaughlin (disambiguation), the name of a number of notable individuals
  • Paul McLaughlin (disambiguation), the name of a number of notable individuals
  • Rhett McLaughlin, American internet personality, part of the comedy duo Rhett and Link
  • Robert E. McLaughlin, TIME Magazine editor, author and playwright, born in 1908
  • Robert McLaughlin (industrialist), Canadian, a manufacturer who founded the McLaughlin Carriage and McLaughlin Motor Car companies which later became part of General Motors
  • Ryan McLaughlin, Northern Irish footballer currently playing for Liverpool
  • Ryan McLaughlin, Townholm Lawn Bowls Player and Ayrshire Bowls Champion
  • Samuel McLaughlin, a Canadian businessman
  • Sara Agnes Mclaughlin Conboy (born Sara Agnes Mclaughlin), a labor organizer in the United States
  • Scott Earle McLaughlin, American, the Presiding Bishop of the Orthodox Anglican Church, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Orthodox Anglican Communion, and the Chancellor of Saint Andrew's Theological College and Seminary
  • Scott McLaughlin (footballer), Scottish footballer currently playing for Airdrie United
  • Sean McLaughlin (disambiguation), several persons
  • Steve McLaughlin (disambiguation), several persons
  • Teresa McLaughlin, director of Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University. 1999-2015
  • Warren McLaughlin, American left-handed pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates from 1900–1903
  • William F. McLaughlin (Michigan), American politician from the State of Michigan
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