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Maulvi Habib ur Rahman

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Name  Maulvi Habib-ur-Rahman

Maulvi Shaikh Habib-ur-Rahman (1805 – 27 September 1875) was the Taluqdar of Miyanganj –Unnao and was a member of the powerful lobby of the Taluqdars of Oudh (Awadh).


Habib-ur-Rahman was born in Asiwan in 1805 into a landlord and religious family. He started his career with the Revenue department of the King of Oudh. Gradually he consolidated his position and was appointed a Chakladar in 1853 by Wajid Ali Shah. His chakla was centred at Purwa and comprised Asiwan, Rasoolabad, Mohan,Fatehpur Chaurasi, etc. Parganas of Unnao.

From 1261 Fasli until the uprising in 1857 he was the governing Chakladar of Mohan, Asiwan, Fatehpur Chaurasi etc. He did not take part in the uprising at all and kept himself away from the disturbance. He was against the inhumane killings, arson, loot and that too without any defined goal and leader. He did not like Mansab Ali of Mohan and retired to his Garhi (fort) in Asiwan. At the time of annexation of Awadh, when the British took control of the Unnao, they found the maulvi in Asiwan and keeping in view his tenure as Chakladar of Oudh and most importantly his strong influence in the whole area in maintaining law and order, they awarded Miyanganj, Asiwan and Fatehpur Chaurasi to him and enlisted him as the Taluqdar of Miyanganj.

Maulvi Habib ur Rahman did not have any child for a very long time therefore he had adopted his nephew Wasi uz Zaman as his successor. After wasi uz zaman taluqa went to his elder son Maqbool ur Rehman after he died taluqa went to Mushir uz zaman his succsessors include Muti-ur-rehman,Wajih-ur-rehman and wasiuzzaman. Currently the ancestral property is taken care by shuja ur Rehman safwi and the royal house is under them. The royal family still have massive support of public. Shuja-ur-rehman safwi's son Faraan Rehman safwi runs several ngo's to help the needy people of the area and is also active in politics and enjoy large support of youths.


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