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Matla ul fajr

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Country of origin  Iran
Frequency  VHF
Azimuth  0–90°
Type  Early-warning radar
Range  480 km
Power  4 kW

Matla-ul-fajr is an Iranian 3D VHF radar. It was first seen in military parades but was officially referred to in 2010 when it replaced western-made radars in the Persian Gulf. It was stated that Matla-ul-fajr covered the whole Persian Gulf. The range of Matla-ul-Fajr-1 is 300 km and the max altitude is 20,000 m. When fully set up, the height of the system reaches eight meters and it uses 12 "Yagi" antennas installed in two rows. The whole system, containing the antennas, setup instruments, processing, controlling and displaying units, communication devices and power generator are all installed on a trailer to achieve a very good mobility. The radar is also equipped with ECCM to survive in a e-warfare environment.

Matla-ul-fajr can use 100 different frequencies in the VHF band to operate in jammed environments.

In the same year, a project to enhance the capabilities of radar was started by SAIRAN and Isfahan University of Technology. Production of this model called Matla-ul-fajr 2 was started in 2012.

State-owned Mashregh News reported that Matla-ul-fajr 2 is a solid state 3D radar operating in VHF band. Due to the nature of its frequency, it can detect low-Radar cross-section targets such as stealth aircraft and cruise missiles with low accuracy at shorter ranges. The range of the radar is 480 kilometres (300 mi) and it uses two separate channels for detection and is installed on the back of heavy trucks to enhance mobility. This radar won the first place in Kwarazmi International Festival.


Matla-ul-fajr Wikipedia

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