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Matilda of Andechs

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Noble family  House of Andechs
Parents  Berthold I of Istria
Died  1245

Name  Matilda Andechs
Father  Berthold I of Istria
Mother  Hedwig of Dachau-Wittelsbach
Spouse  Engelbert III, Count of Gorizia
Children  Meinhard I, Count of Gorizia-Tyrol
Grandchildren  Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia, Albert I of Gorizia
Grandparents  Berthold II, Count of Andechs

Great grandchildren  Henry of Bohemia

Matilda of Andechs (died 1245) was a daughter of Margrave Berthold I of Istria and his first wife, Hedwig of Dachau-Wittelsbach.

Matilda married Count Engelbert III of Gorizia (d. 1220). They had one son: Meinhard, who would inherit the title of Duke of Merania after the death of the childless Duke Otto II. However, by then this title was meaningless, as the Istrian and Carniolan marches had passed to the Patriarchate of Aquileia, and the original Andechs estates had been seized by the Bavarian dukes.


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