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Masterpiece (game show)

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Country of origin  United Kingdom
No. of series  1
First episode date  15 February 2016
Genre  Game show
Number of series  1
Original language(s)  English
Original network  ITV
Presented by  Alan Titchmarsh
Language  English
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Original release  15 February 2016 (2016-02-15) – present
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Masterpiece is a game show presented by Alan Titchmarsh and Rachel Houston-Holland. It has been airing on ITV1 since 15 February 2016.


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Filming took place at three stately homes up – Parham House in West Sussex, Kentwell Hall in Suffolk and Firle Place in East Sussex; its initial commission was for twenty episodes. The show is presented by Alan Titchmarsh, who came up with the idea for the show, and Rachel Houston-Holland, a Knutsford-based arts expert.


Three pairs play the game. To decide the order of play, the teams must value an item; closest goes first.


The teams must pick what they believe the highest-rated item from an assortment laid out on a table to be. The team which picks the highest-valued item amongst the team wins.

Masterpiece Gallery

The winner of Valuation picks what they believe to be the 'masterpiece', or work worth £10,000 or more. Values are not revealed until the end of the show.

Stately Home

Teams are sent off around the home to look around for two items and snap them on tablets; the winners are the team with the highest number of accurate photos, followed by the speed of arrival. Another round of Masterpiece Gallery is then played.

Distinctly Vintage

Four items, such as cars or dresses, are laid out and revealed one-at-a-time. The first is a benchmark item, and the team that came last in Stately Home must guess whether their item is older or newer than the benchmark item. If they guess correctly, they win a point; if they can date them to a suitable degree of accuracy – with the cars, it was the year and with the dresses it was the decade – they win another. The teams who came second and first in Stately Home repeat that process in that order and the teams' placings in this round sort the order of play for the subsequent Masterpiece Gallery round. If there is a tie, the teams involved must stick a value on the item and closest valuation wins.


The team that came in last in Distinctly Vintage must pick an item for another team to identify from three options; if they guess right, they win a point, guess wrong and the picking team are awarded one for bamboozlement. The picked team then picks an item for the team uninvolved in the previous 'duel' and the process repeats itself; that team then picks an item for the first team and the process repeats. One final round of Masterpiece Gallery is played before the values are revealed; the team with the most masterpieces wins £1,000, in spite the fact that contestants are routinely handling antiques worth £10,000 or more.


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