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Massey Place, Saskatoon

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Country  Canada
Suburban Development Area  Confederation SDA
Time zone  UTC (UTC−6)
Province  Saskatchewan
City  Saskatoon
Neighbourhood  Massey Place
Population  3,510 (2006)
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Massey Place, is a geographically localised subdivision of the Confederation Suburban Development Area in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which is nestled around Archibald McDonald Park. Mcdonald Park is centrally located along the northern perimeter of 33rd Street East. The school yards of both Vincent Massey School and Bishop Klein School have their western boundaries along Archibald McDonald Park which has as its resources ball diamonds, soccer pitches, winter ice rinks, and playground facilities. Massey Place neighbourhood is close to amenities provided by both the commercial district of 33rd Street East and the Confederation Suburban Centre.



Massey Place with a 2001 census population of 3,510 is larger than the provincial town of Tisdale, the "Land of Rape and Honey" which showed a peak population of 3,500. In 2006, the population of Tisdale went down to 2,981 from the 2001 population of 3,063. The population of Massey Place also dropped between 2001 and 1996 from 3,575 to 3,505, however Massey Place neighbourhood had peaked in 1986 at 3,815. Massey Place is also about the same size demographically as Caswell Hill which has a population of 3,505. The family income of both the neighbourhoods of Caswell Hill and Massey Place is approximately the same $40,217 to $41,971 respectively, the average home resale price is about $20,000 higher in Massey Place. According to MLS data, the average sale price of a home as of 2013 was $261,700.

Within the Confederation SDA, the neighbourhood of Massey Place is bounded to the north by 33rd Street East. It is basically triangular in shape. Confederation Drive is to the western limits, the lower tip of the triangle is foreshortened by Milton Street. The eastern limits are Circle Drive.


The roads are laid out in a court system styling and all the roads begin with the letter "M". The only exception to the rule is Northumberland Avenue.

  • Mackie Crescent
  • Macklem Drive
  • Madison Crescent
  • Mahoney Avenue
  • Malta Crescent
  • Marlborough Avenue, Crescent, Place
  • Matheson Drive
  • Maxwell Crescent
  • McKay Place
  • Milton Street
  • Moore Place
  • Morris Drive
  • Education

  • Bishop Klein School – Separate Elementary School
  • Vincent Massey School – Public Elementary School opened 1964.
  • Area Parks

  • Archibald McDonald Park 13.49 acres (54,600 m2)
  • This park was named after Hudson's Bay Company Chief Factor Archibald McDonald (1790–1853)

  • Marlborough Park 1.10 acres (4,500 m2)
  • Shopping

    Local convenience shops are found along 33rd Street East. The neighbourhood is also near the Confederation Suburban Centre and the soon to be finished Blairmore Suburban Centre.

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  • History

    The majority of dwellings were constructed in the 1960s with the construction tapering off in the 1970s. The land for this community was annexed by the city of Saskatoon between 1960 and 1964, and construction began immediately.


    Massey Place Community Association is very active, and with its membership base and volunteers promotes a wide variety of leisure activities for the area.


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