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Massari Arena

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Coordinates  38.309517N-104.575499E
Opened  1971
Renovated  2006-08
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Location  2200 Bonforte Blvd. Pueblo, CO
Owner  Colorado State - Pueblo
Similar  Neta and Eddie DeRose, Pueblo County Courthouse, Sangre de Cristo Arts & Confer, Budweiser Events Center, Pueblo Zoo

2013 2a state basketball tourney at massari arena

Massari Arena is a 3,900 seat multi-purpose arena in Pueblo, Colorado. It was built in 1971, and underwent a reconstruction starting in 2006 and ending in 2008. The arena is the home of the Colorado State University-Pueblo ThunderWolves men's and women's basketball, wrestling, and volleyball programs.

Outside of sports, the arena is perhaps most noted as the site of a 1980 Van Halen concert that provided the backdrop for an enduring urban legend surrounding the band. The band's technical rider stated that concert organizers had to supply a bowl of M&M's backstage, with all brown pieces removed. In the wake of the concert, media reports indicated that the band caused $85,000 of damage to the arena after noticing brown M&M's. In his autobiography, lead singer David Lee Roth told a different story—he admitted to doing $12,000 in damage backstage, but indicated that over $80,000 of damage had been done to the arena's newly installed basketball floor because it could not support the band's extremely heavy staging.


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