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Mark Shelley

Name  Mark Shelley
Role  Producer

Education  Stanford University
Movies  Otter 501
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Mark Shelley was the Senior Series Producer for National Geographic Television & Film. He is also the founder and the Executive Director of Sea Studios Foundation, a non-profit team of film-makers, environmentalists and scientists who create films that raise public awareness of major issues facing our planet's health.

About Mark Shelley
Mark Shelley is the founder and the director of photography for Sea Studios Foundation. He has created many award-winning (see list below) exhibit and television programs for aquariums, zoos, and natural history visitor centers around the world. Television clients were National Geographic Television & Film, Turner Broadcasting (National Audubon) and the PBS Nature series.
Mark's underwater filmmaking skills are well-known internationally. He has developed deep sea imaging systems for National Geographic Television & Film, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and oceanographer Bob Ballard, who discovered the Titanic and the german battleship Bismarck wrecks.
Mark is an expert diver and U.S. Navy certified submersible co-pilot. His deep-sea work has been seen on such National Geographic Specials as Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal, Lusitania, Roman Wrecks, and the BBC program, Dive to Midnight Waters. Mark received his B.S. from Stanford University with honors in Biology, and conducted research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for two years. Now he lives with his family and runs Tassajara Natural Meats.

Jellies and Other Ocean Drifters"" (Home video, produced for the Monterey Bay Aquarium)

- Joey Awards (1996) Consumer Video over $30,000 category

'Sea Nasties' (Half-hour National Geographic Explorer produced for National Geographic Television)

- Wildscreen Finalist, Out of the Mainstream (1996)

Desperately Seeking Sanctuary (One-hour World of Audubon Television special, produced for TBS Superstation/Audubon Television)

- Columbus International Film Festival, Bronze Plaque, Environmental Issues (1994)

'Aunt Merriwether's Adventures in the Backyard' (Home video, produced for and distributed by The Nature Company)

- Festival International du Film de l'Oiseau (France) Special Distinction for Best Educational Film (1994) - International Wildlife Film Festival (Japan) Nature Education Award (1993) - International Wildlife Film Festival (Missoula) Merit Award for Creative Presentation (199 - Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Finalist, Children's Category (1993)

'A World Alive' (35mm film and home video)

- Kids First! endorsement (1994) - Eligible for an Academy Award nomination (1992) - Finalist in the Internationale Tage des Okologischen Films in Freiburg, Germany (1992) - CINE Golden Eagle (1991) - Houston International Film Festival, Silver Medal (1991) - National Educational Film and Video Festival, Bronze Apple (1991) - International Wildlife Film Festival (Missoula), Merit Award for Editing and Honorable Mention (1991) - Questar Awards Competition, Bronze Award (1991) - American Association for the Advancement of Science, Certificate of Merit (1991) - USA Film Festival, Finalist (1991) - Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Finalist (1991) - American Video Conference Award, Best in Category of Science & Nature (1990) Screened at: Science Books and Films Film Festival (1991) Mill Valley Film Festival (1991) International Environmental Film Festival (1991) Aveda U.S. Environmental Film Festival (1991) Marin County National Film and Video Competition (1991) Wine Country Film Festival (1991) Reviewed in: Children's Video Report (1991) ABC Rating Guide for Libraries (1991)

'Wild California'(Educational video, narrated by Peter Coyote, distributed by U.C. Extension)

- National Educational Film and Video Festival Silver Apple (1990)

'Wild California' (Home video reviews, music version)

- California Waterfront Age (1990)

'Explore Missouri Streams! (Interactive computer/video)

- Association for Visual Communicators, "Cindy Competition" Gold CINDY Award (1991)

'Live from Monterey Canyon' (Interactive live television and computer/video)

- American Association of Zoos Parks and Aquariums, Best Educational Program (1991) - The Worlds Below (Home video reviews)

About Sea Studios Foundation
Mark started Sea Studios Foundation to leverage the power of film and bring public awareness on major issues affecting our planet's health. In partnership with National Geographic Society, Sea Studios Foundation has created award-winning film series that bring focus on the Earth and its biodiversity, as well on the oceans.

Strange Days on Planet Earth
Strange Days is an initiative in collaboration with The National Geographic Society. It raises public understanding about how individuals are personally interconnected to our planet’s life systems. The inaugural four-part television series in 2005, hosted by Academy-award nominated actor Edward Norton earned 14 major film festival honors.

The Shape of Life
The Shape of Life is an eight-hour special, developed in partnership with National Geographic Society. It is a primer for understanding the evolution of the animal kingdom and animal biodiversity. It integrates science-based content and pioneering techniques in underwater and deep-sea filmmaking.

Oceans in Glass
Oceans in a Glass is a behind-the-scenes look at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, one of the world's leading centers for marine research and conservation.

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