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Mariette d'Enghien

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Nationality  French
Parents  Jacques d'Enghien
Grandparent  Gérard II d'Enghien
Died  Claix, Isère, France
Children  Jean de Dunois
Great-grandparent  Gérard d'Enghien-Havré
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Full Name  Yolande d'Enghien

Mariette d'Enghien, née Yolande d'Enghien (fl. 1402), was a French noble, mistress of the French prince Louis d'Orleans, brother of King Charles VI.

Mariette (born Yolande) d'Enghien was the daughter of Jacques d'Enghien, Castellan of Mons, by either his first or his second wife. She was known as the Lady of Wiège and Fagnoles, lands she inherited from her uncle and grandfather. In 1389, she was married to Aubert Le Flamenc, Lord of Cany and Chamberlain to the king, Charles VI of France.

Mariette d'Enghien became the mistress of Louis I, Duke of Orléans, brother of King Charles VI. Their son, Jean de Dunois, was born in 1402 and became the comrade in arms of Joan of Arc.

She died at Claix, Isère.

Mariette d'Enghien in fiction

She is a character in the novel In a Dark Wood Wandering by Hella S. Haasse.


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