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Mamta (TV series)

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Written by  Anshuman Sinha
Country of origin  India
Starring  see below
Created by  Shobhna Desai Productions & Entertainment One Productions
Directed by  Vijay Verma, Apoorva Acharya,Ismail Umarr Khan.
Opening theme  "Mamta" by Shreya Ghoshal

Mamta was a Hindi television serial that aired from 28 February 2006 to 25 October 2007 on Zee TV, about the universal theme of motherhood.


The show is based on the story of a woman name Mamta, who is a surrogate mother of a child name Krish. After the birth, she has been told that her baby had died during the birth. A year later, she comes to know that her baby is actually alive, but she realises that it is not in safe hands. So she goes to unknown city, where she doesn't know anyone to save her child. They get married then her husband gets in a car accident and he is thought to be dead. She doesn't lose faith. Pretty soon she finds out she is pregnant and the child needs a father so she marries Sid. Akshay comes back and finds out that she got married again and tries to get revenge on her not knowing that she did it for their soon-to-be child. The truth comes out and Mamta refuses to forgive him because he tried to kill her and their baby. The baby died but because of something else. She runs away because she can not take it any more. Now after 20 yrs, Krish has grown up and Sid is married to another lady and they have two grown up girls named Sanjana and Meera. Meera loves Krish, Krish loves Sanajana.


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