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Mamestra configurata

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Noctuidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Lepidoptera
Genus  Mamestra
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Similar  Mamestra, Autographa californica, Peridroma saucia, Mythimna unipuncta, Betabaculovirus

Mamestra configurata, the Bertha armyworm, is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found in the western part of the North America (including Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, New Mexico, California) and Mexico.

Mamestra configurata Nature Search BERTHA39S ARMYWORM MOTH Mamestra configurata

Adults are grey black with a silvery-whitish kidney shaped spot and fringe on each forewing.

The larvae feed on canola. First feeding on the leaves, but later also feeding on the pods. Full-grown larvae drop to the ground in mid to late August to pupate.

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