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Malus sikkimensis

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Rosaceae
Scientific name  Malus sikkimensis
Order  Rosales
Genus  Malus
Rank  Species
Malus sikkimensis Dreviny LN Arbortum Mlyany SAV
Similar  Malus prattii, Malus florentina, Malus brevipes, Malus yunnanensis, Malus toringoides

Malus sikkimensis is a rare species of apple known by the common name Sikkim crabapple. Its Chinese name is xi jin hai dang. It is native to China, Nepal, Bhutan, and part of India, where it is threatened due to loss of habitat. It bears white and pink flowers and dark red fruit.

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Malus sikkimensis FileMalus sikkimensis FruitsLeavesFall BotGardBln0906jpg
Malus sikkimensis FileMalus sikkimensis HabitusFruitsLeavesFall BotGardBln0906cjpg
Malus sikkimensis sikkimwildapple Malus sikkimensis


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