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Malleus (bivalve)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Malleidae
Rank  Genus
Class  Bivalvia
Phylum  Mollusca
Order  Pterioida
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Similar  Malleidae, Malleus albus, Pterioida, Isognomonidae, Isognomon

Malleus is a genus of hammer oysters, marine bivalve mollusks in the family Malleidae, the hammer oysters. This genus includes 27 known species.

Characteristic of this genus is the unusual "hammer-shaped" outline of the valves. The shells are nearly equivalved, but the hinge line is extremely long and is at nearly a right angle to the rest of the valves, which grow ventrally. The viscera of the organism are arranged in an oval-shaped patch near the umbones of the valves.


Malleus (bivalve) Wikipedia

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