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Malik Jamroz Khan

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Name  Malik Khan
Died  1963

Haji Malak Jamroz Khan (1878–1963) was a leader of Yusufzai Pashtun in Swat district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Haji Malak Jamroz Khan was a well-known leader of the Niamatkhel clan of Yousafzai Pashtuns. Malik Jamroz Khan was from Kanju village of Swat. Malik Jamroz Khan was a well-respected individual who worked for the well being of the people of his area.

Haji Malak Jamroz Khan known as Shad Dada was among those few elders of Swat who formed the former princely State of Swat. Malik Jamroz Khan had two sons Haji Malak Abdul Akbar Khan Lala (1907–1993) and Haji Malak Nawsherawan Khan.

Swat State was prosperous state with a High School in almost every village of the state, roads and other infrastructure and excellent judicial and administrative set up. Haji Malak Jamroz Khan, as a person and Malik, is still remembered as a pious, brave and honest person.

Malak Abdul Akbar Khan Lala, as the eldest son, became Malik after the demise of his father Malik Jamroz Khan. Like his father, Abdul Akbar Khan Lala, enjoyed the same respect not only from his own tribe but from all the inhabitants of Swat.
After the merger of Swat State with Pakistan, Malak Abdul Akbar Khan was the first person to oppose the Muaajib (honorarium that the Maliks used to get during Swat as a state and after its merger with Pakistan). He persuaded other Maliks of Swat not to take Muaajib and the money be used for the welfare of the people.


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