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Malibu Ozarks

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Malibu Ozarks is a term sometimes used derogatorily (or ironically) of inland land or property within the U.S. geographical zip code of 90265, receiving mail to Malibu, California, which lacks a traditional Malibu ocean view. Property within the Malibu Ozarks is generally beyond the first mountain range and outside the incorporated city limits of Malibu itself (despite its city zip code).

Some people define true Malibu Ozarks property by an 818 home telephone prefix. By contrast, all seaside Malibu property is wired for 310 home area code telephone service. As a rule, "818 Malibu" property is five or more miles distant from the Pacific Ocean. The dividing line between the two area codes is roughly at Mulholland Highway, which runs along or near the ridgeline of the Santa Monica Mountains. Some of the areas that might be considered part of the Malibu Ozarks are actually within Agoura Hills city limits, especially areas around Malibou Lake and those near Troutdale.

Although homes and property in the Malibu Ozarks may easily cost more than one million dollars (and a number of estates and ranches are valued in the tens of millions), even wealthy people living within the Malibu Ozarks often live off-road and rely on septic tank systems, a rural aspect that afflicts the rest of Malibu; there is no public sewer service, so every residence in Malibu has a septic system, which results in ocean-pollution at most beaches where the houses are at sea-level. Because of its relative geographic isolation within Los Angeles County, and the dramatic and accident-prone nature of the Santa Monicas, property in the Malibu Ozarks is particularly susceptible to power outages and other inconveniences due to inclement weather, rain, and mudslides.


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