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Malambo, Tanzania

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Malambo, Tanzania

Malambo, Arusha Region

Located in northern Tanzania, Malambo Village lies near the Sanjan River, east of the Serengeti, west of Lake Natron, and north of Ngorongoro, in a picturesque but remote region. It's on the western edge of the Eastern Rift Valley, bordered by mountains on the west and a vast plain on the east. Malambo has served as home for many Maasai, and a rest stop for many more who pass through the region.It boasts a school, a medical clinic, and a small airstrip, though the village is still considered remote and impoverished. Because it is close to areas which are popular tourist safari attractions, Malambo does get occasional visitors passing through.


Notable People

Latang'amwaki Ndwati Mollel

Agbert Tajewo Mollel (Ngorongoro District)

Malambo, Rukwa Region

Malambo Village in western Tanzania is on the road between Sumbawanga, the capital of Rukwa Region, and Kigoma, the port city on the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Malambo is on the western edge of Katavi National Park, a rarely visited park still abundant with wildlife. This western area of Tanzania is remote with few tourist facilities and rarely visited by tourist safaris.


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