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Malacothrix (plant)

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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Cichorieae
Rank  Genus
Family  Asteraceae
Subtribe  Microseridinae
Order  Asterales
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Similar  Malacothrix glabrata, Stephanomeria, Chaenactis, Rafinesquia, Stylocline

Malacothrix is a genus of plants in the dandelion tribe within the sunflower family. They are known generally as desert dandelions or desertdandelions. Most are native to western North America although a few have been introduced to South America. Several are found only on offshore islands in the Pacific.

Phylogenetic analysis demonstrates that Malacothrix is not monophyletic. Some of its species are related to Atrichoseris, whereas a second group is more closely related to Anisocoma and Calycoseris.

  1. Malacothrix californica - California desertdandelion - CA Baja California, Baja California Sur
  2. Malacothrix clevelandii - Cleveland's desertdandelion - CA AZ UT Baja California
  3. Malacothrix coulteri - snake's head - CA NV AZ UT NM Baja California
  4. Malacothrix fendleri - Fendler's desertdandelion - AZ NM TX Sonora
  5. Malacothrix floccifera - woolly desertdandelion - CA NV
  6. Malacothrix foliosa - leafy desertdandelion - San Clemente Island
  7. Malacothrix glabrata - smooth desertdandelion - CA NV AZ NM ID OR Baja California, Baja California Sur
  8. Malacothrix incana - dunedelion - CA
  9. Malacothrix indecora - Santa Cruz Island desert-dandelion - Santa Cruz Island
  10. Malacothrix insularis - island desertdandelion - Coronados Island in Baja California
  11. Malacothrix junakii - Junak's desertdandelion - Anacapa Island
  12. Malacothrix phaeocarpa - Davis' desertdandelion - CA
  13. Malacothrix saxatilis - cliff desertdandelion - CA
  14. Malacothrix similis - twin desertdandelion - CA Baja California
  15. Malacothrix sonchoides - sowthistle desertdandelion - OR ID WY CO NM AZ UT NV CA
  16. Malacothrix sonorae - Sonoran desertdandelion - Sonora AZ NM TX
  17. Malacothrix squalida - Santa Cruz desertdandelion - Santa Cruz Island
  18. Malacothrix stebbinsii - Stebbins' desertdandelion - OR CA NV AZ NM UT Sonora
  19. Malacothrix torreyi - Torrey's desertdandelion - CA NV AZ NM UT CO WY ID MT OR
  20. Malacothrix xanthi - Baja California, Baja California Sur


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