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Makoto Ogino

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Name  Makoto Ogino

Role  Artist
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Makoto Ogino (荻野 真, Ogino Makoto, born May 26, 1959 in Gifu Prefecture) is a Japanese manga artist. His best-known work is the Spirit Warrior (孔雀王, Kujaku-Oh, Peacock King) manga series.


Ogino's first manga was Spirit Warrior (aka Peacock King). It was serialized in Weekly Young Jump from 1986 to 1989, and was published in 17 tankōbon volumes. It follows the adventures of a Buddhist monk who is a member of a secret organization that specializes in demon hunting. The stories involve all sorts of religion and mythology folklore. It was adapted into an OVA series and live-action film in 1988. Ogino followed up with Kujaku Ō: Taimaseiden (孔雀王 退魔聖伝) which ran Young Jump magazine from 1990 to 1992, and was published by Shueisha in 11 volumes.

Ogino worked on a third Peacock King series, Kujaku Ō: Magarigamiki (孔雀王 曲神紀), which was serialized in Young Jump from 2006 to 2010 for a total of 12 volumes. This continues Kujaku's advantures from Taimaseiden. It focuses on ancient Japan's gods and mythos as it branches from in the middle of the Taimaseiden story line. His fourth series Kujakoh Rising (孔雀王ライジング, Kujaku Ō Rising) is running in Monthly Big Comic Spirits since 2012 and has been published by Shogakukan in 6 volumes. Along with Rising, he published Kujakuoh: Sengoku Tensei (孔雀王-戦国転生-, Kujaku Ō: Sengoku Tensei) starting in 2012 for the magazine Comic Ran Twins.

Ogino is an honorary professor of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art of Fudan University and Master of The Beijing DeTao Masters Academy.


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