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November 1944


Preceded by

Makapili Makapili
Dates of operation
November 1944 (1944-11)–1945 (1945)

Support for Japanese occupiers in the Philippines

La Liga Filipina, Philippine Revolutionary Army, Katipunan

Makabayang Katipunan ng mga Pilipino (lit. Patriotic Association of Filipinos), better known as the Makapili, was a militant group formed in the Philippines in 1944 during World War II to give military aid to the Imperial Japanese Army. Organised by Benigno Ramos and Artemio Ricarte, they were born out of José P. Laurel's refusal to conscript Filipinos for Japan.

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Ang MAKAPILI ang samahan na sumuporta sa mga hapon sa panahon ng digmaan.

The Japanese decreed that the group should be founded in November 1944 when they brought together many of the supporters of the defunct Ganap Party. Like Ganap its main area of support was Metro Manila, although Makapili established chapters across the islands, attracting some support. In all it attracted 4 to 6,000 members, many of them poor or landless farmers who came to the group due to vague promises of land reform after the war. Their main purpose was to counter the recognized guerrilla and the Philippine Commonwealth military activity by anti-Japanese forces in rural areas and to this end members of Makapili were given rudimentary military training.

After the war ended in 1945, the group was disbanded and vilified for its involvement in some Japanese atrocities in the islands and individual members faced trials for treason as a result.

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A 1951 film of the same name was made starring Justina David.

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