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Makan bajamba

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Makan bajamba

Makan bajamba (from Minangkabau language) is the procession of dining with sit above the floor out together in Minangkabau people tradition which is held in tradition ceremonies, tradition festival, and other important rendezvous. Various of Minangkabau food serve in this procession. That food laid out in tray which is previous were taken by placing tray above the head and walk hand in hand. This procession opened with the performance of Minangkabau arts and begins with the traditional Minangkabau proverb by leaders. Literally, makan bajamba has a good philosophy; it brings a sense of togetherness without seeing the status of its people.

The 2006 makan bajamba procession which celebrated the 123rd anniversary of the town of Sawahlunto, received an award from MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) for the category of the longest and the most participants (16,123 people).


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