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Reign  9th century
Mother  Mahata Devi
House  Pala Empire
Predecessor  Devapala
Role  Devapala's son
Successor  Shurapala I

Name  Mahendrapala Mahendrapala
Dynasty  Pala
Died  854 AD
Grandparents  Dharmapala
Father  Devapala
Parents  Devapala
Great-grandparents  Gopala I
People also search for  Devapala, Dharmapala, Shurapala I

Mahendrapala (r. c. 845-860) was the fourth king of the Pala dynasty of the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. He was the son of Devapala and his queen Mahata.

Mahendrapala has been mentioned in some Pala records, but earlier, the historians used to believe that these mentions referred to the Gurjara-Pratihara king Mahendrapala I. However, the discovery of the Jagjivanpur copper plate charter issued by Mahendrapala made it clear that he was a distinct Pala emperor, who succeeded Devapala. The charter, issued in the 7th year of Mahendrapala's reign (believed to be 854 CE), mentions the construction of a monastery at Nandadirghika Udranga by Mahendrapala's mahasenapati ("great general") Vajradeva. The grant is dated in his 7th regnal year and issued from the Kuddalakhataka jayaskandhavara (the camp of victory).

Mahendrapala was succeeded by Shurapala I. According to the Jagjivanpur inscription, Shurapala I was Mahendrapala's younger brother and royal envoy.

Mahendrapala appears to have retained the Pala control over Bengal and Bihar.


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