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Mahardah District

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Area  434.7 km²
Mahardah District

Mahardah District (Arabic: محردة‎‎ Maḥarda) is a district (mantiqah) administratively belonging to Hama Governorate, Syria. At the 2004 Census it had a population of 143,953. Its administrative centre is the city of Mahardah.


The district of Mahardah is divided into three sub-districts or nahiyahs (population according to 2004 official census):

  • Mahardah Subdistrict (ناحية محردة): population 80,165.
  • Kafr Zita Subdistrict (ناحية كفر زيتا): population 39,302.
  • Karnaz Subdistrict (ناحية كرناز): population 25,039.
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