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Madhi Madhi language

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Region  New South Wales
Extinct  late 20th century
Glottolog  None
Ethnicity  Madhi Madhi
ISO 639-3  dmd
Language family  Pama–Nyungan Kulinic Wemba-Wemba Madhi–Ladji–Wadi Madhi-Madhi

Madhi-Madhi (Muthimuthi) is an Indigenous Australian language spoken by the Muthi Muthi Aboriginal people of New South Wales.

Luise Hercus recorded a substantial amount of Muthi Muthi language from Jack Long whom she described as "the last Madimadi man". It was as a result of her statements that many linguists have recorded in error that the language became extinct when Long died.

Yita Yita

The Yita Yita people are an Aboriginal group and are a part of the Muthi Muthi language grouping. Their language has been studied in the 1980s. Yita Yita has a large number of monsybilic words, consonant finals and consonant clusters. Many Yita Yita place names include the words tin meaning foot, and cabul meaning leg. It has been postulated that there is a relationship between the Yita Yita and people down the river.


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