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Maddigan's Quest

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Simon Bennett

Final episode date
16 February 2006

Rachel Lang


No. of episodes

Running time
30 minutes

CBBC, Nine Network, Three

Maddigan's Quest Maddigan39s Quest

Created by
Margaret MahyGavin StrawhanRachel Lang

Rose McIverJordan MetcalfeZac FoxPeter DaubeMichael HurstDanielle CormackTimothy BalmeRawiri PeneRachel HouseOlivia TennetHori Ahipene

Country of origin
New ZealandAustraliaUnited Kingdom


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Maddigan's Quest is a New Zealand fantasy-based television series set in a post-apocalyptic future. It was based on an original concept by Margaret Mahy and was developed for television by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang. The show originally screened on TV3 in New Zealand, and was also aired on CBBC in the UK, Family Room HD from Voom Networks HD in the US and the Nine Network in Australia in early 2006.


Maddigan's Quest Maddigan39s Quest 2006

Maddigans quest


Maddigan's Quest Maddigan39s Quest 2006

Early in the 22nd century, the world underwent a vast and rapid change. The tectonic plates of the Earth began to shift and rapidly changed the face of the planet. Since then, the events of this time have grown to be known as the time of the Great Shift or the Great Chaos- and have become myth and legend. As a result of these events, the population of Earth severely dropped and little remained of the old ways. While some forms of old technology exist, the ways of man have receded. Slavery is not uncommon, bandits roam the highways.

Maddigan's Quest All3 Media International

Maddigan’s Quest follows the circus troupe ‘Maddigan’s Fantasia’, who come from the city of Solis, a beacon of freedom and peace for the desolate world. Each year, the Fantasia leave Solis to perform and earn a living, but this year is different: they have been set the task of obtaining a new Solar Converter to replace the existing converter–the only power source in Solis–which is failing. At the centre of this quest is 14-year-old Garland, the last member of the Maddigan family line.

Maddigan's Quest httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM

Near the beginning of the Fantasia's journey, just after Ferdy Maddigan, the group's leader and Garland's father, is killed, two boys and their baby sister appear from the future. But while the younger brother, Eden, seems to be a blessing to the performers with his illusionary skills, his older brother Timon is hiding a dark secret which threatens the Fantasia, their mission, and the future of Solis itself.


At the Air New Zealand Screen Awards on 1 August 2007, Maddigan's Quest won four awards:

Maddigan's Quest Maddigan39s Quest Original Opening Credits YouTube

  • Best Children's Programme
  • Contribution to design (Tracey Collins — Costume Designer)
  • Original Music (Victoria Kelly)
  • Contribution to Sound Design (Carl Smith, Rodney Larsen and Steve Finnegan)

  • Maddigan's Quest Maddigan39s Quest Series TV Tropes

    It also won the Best Dramatic Presentation — Long Form Award at the 2007 Sir Julius Vogel Awards for New Zealand science fiction and fantasy.


    Maddigan's Fantasia, re-released under the title Maddigan's Quest, is a novel written by Margaret Mahy as a tie-in for the BBC show Maddigan's Quest (based on her concept).

    The circus troupe Maddigan's Fantasia are on a mission to get a new solar converter from Newton for their hometown Solis. But on the way there, the Fantasia meet two strange boys, Timon and Eden. They are from the future and have come to help the Fantasia change history: in their timeline, when the Fantasia did not get back to Solis in time, the council gave up on them and took a new path, a radiation path. Timon and Eden's parents were killed because an evil monster called the Nennog rules Solis in the future and their parents tried to work out a way to change the past. They created a time slider, but they were killed for it, so Timon and Eden did the job for them and then they saved the Fantasia and Solis was saved.


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