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Macintosh User Groups

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'Macintosh User Groups' (MUGs) are groups of people who meet both virtually (through web forums or email) and in the real world to discuss all things Mac. They exist to give and share support and advice between members. Many have regular meetings often with a presentation on a certain topic and most have regular email communication in between times. Groups are for everyone from first-time computer users to experts—from every profession, background and age are available. Many people use websites like, to discuss and engage in banter about their views on the ways of a mac. Macintosh user Groups are seen a lot on YouTube now with lots of people with millions of subscribers who concentrate their content on being about mac.

Mac users had much greater control over the users and groups on their computers as well as over personal file sharing. In Mac OS X, however, Apple decided to reserve the capability to create and manage groups of users and to offer the capability to create share points outside the Mac OS X public folders (including those for individual users and the public folder for all users of a computer) for Mac OS X Server. This simplified user management for individual computers under Mac OS X, but it placed significant limits on what could be done when configuring a home network (or a small office network in which Mac OS X Server is cost-prohibitive).


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