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Lutsk compact overhead powerline

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Lutsk compact overhead powerline

Lutsk compact overhead line in Volyn Oblast, Ukraine is a technically unique 10 kV power transmission line that connects a thermal power plant in Lutsk (50.7752278°N 25.3743893°E / 50.7752278; 25.3743893) to the Lutsk-Pivnichna substation (50.7746936°N 25.3852308°E / 50.7746936; 25.3852308).

The 978 meter long line has 2 circuits. Both circuits use, what is unique at this voltage level, bundles of 6 wires as conductors. The bundle conductors of each circuit are combined by separation insulators in the span and at the pylons to a strand, which is mounted on suspension insulators at the pylons. This construction method gives a more narrow right of way, as a conventional power line with 6 conductors. The line has no ground wire attached to the main towers themselves; these wires are attached to adjacent lightning rod towers and parallel both sides of the route.


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