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Luluzinha Teen e sua Turma

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Publisher  Ediouro
Number of issues  65
Format  Ongoing series
Genre  Action/adventure, humor/comedy
Publication date  June 2009 - February 2015
Writer(s)  Renato Fagundes Labareda Design

Luluzinha Teen e sua Turma (lit: Little Lulu Teen and her Gang) was a manga-style Brazilian comic based on the American comic strip Little Lulu, from Marge. It was launched in June 2009, a year after the launch of the Monica Teen series, which also adopts the manga style and is also inspired in a popular comic book (Brazilian Monica's Gang).

In its early years was one of the best selling comics in Brazil second only to those of Monica Teen. Nevertheless, the comics were canceled in 2015 due to low sales, reaching 65 editions released.


The series shows the life of Little Lulu and her friends as teenagers 15 years in high school. The city in which the characters live is called Liberty. The five main protagonists in the story are Lulu, Tubby (Tub), Annie, Gloria and Alvin, adapted as modern teenagers with very different personalities from those the original comics. Lulu is the leader, always willing to solve cases and mysteries that occur at school or city. Tubby is aspiring rockstar, has a lean physique and dates several girls throughout the series. Annie is fascinated by technology and video games, being considered a geek. Gloria is the stereotype of a preppy obsessed by fashion and shopping, and now is a close friend of Lulu. Alvin is a rebellious pre-teen who enjoys extreme sports like skateboarding and surfing.


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