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Lucky Star (Italian band)

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Years active  2003–06
Origin  Italy (2003)
Active until  2006
Members  Emma Marrone
Lucky Star (Italian band) velvetmusicitwpcontentuploads201211201211
Record labels  Universal Music Group, Universal Records
Genres  Pop music, Dance music, House music
Similar  Lollipop, Loredana Errore, Pierdavide Carone, Dario Faini, Dominique Fidanza

Lucky Star was an Italian girl group formed through the talent show Superstar Tour in 2003 (which is how the second edition of Popstars in Italy was renamed).


Music career

The group consisted of three young girls: Laura Pisu (born October 18, 1984 in Cagliari), Emma Marrone (born May 25, 1984 in Florence, but raised in Aradeo) and Colomba Pane (born May 15, 1985 in Naples). Their debut single "Stile" was presented at Italian Music Awards (IMA), the single was released on 19 december 2003 through Universal Music and reached the #24 in the Italian Singles Chart. After the first single the girls began recording their debut album. During the recording of the album, many misunderstandings and disagreements between the girls have begun. Consequently, the group was dropped in 2004 and the album was cancelled.

In 2005 the girls have announced officially a surprising reunion of the group, saying they are now working on a total different project and on a new kind of music and they announced the upcoming release of their very first album through Universal Music. The group has recorded the soundtrack of the cartoon W.I.T.C.H, which aired on Italia 1 with great success. In May 2006 was finally released their debut album LS3, an English language album with 90s dance influence. The album consists of eleven tracks: the W.I.T.C.H soundtrack, six dance tracks sung together, one solo song for each of the three girls ("Don't leave me" for Laura, "Catchy" for Emma and "Yes, I'm cool" for Colomba) and a cover of Ace of Base's All That She Wants. The album has been a commercial failure due to poor promotion. The release of "Day To Come" as promotional single was then cancelled. The group broke up after few months after the album release.

After the official break-up, Emma Marrone recorded an album with the rock group Mjur, released through Dracma Records in 2008. In 2009 Marrone took part of the ninth edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi, which relaunched her music career. Emma won the competition and in march 2010 Emma's debut solo EP Oltre and the first single "Calore" were released. The single and EP were both #1 in Italian Charts. Emma is nowadays a notable solo artist in Italy and also internationally. She took part twice at the Sanremo Music Festival, the first time in 2011 along with Modà with the song "Arriverà" and the second time in 2012, where she won the festival with the song Non è l'inferno. She also represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song La mia città.

After Emma's big success as solo artist, the two CDs from Lucky Star ("Stile" CD single, but above all the "LS3" album CD) have become two ultra rare collector's items, difficult to find and with very high market value.

Laura Pisu in 2010 appeared in Ligabue's music video for the single "Un Colpo All'Anima". She is notable in Sardinia to have been a vocalist in many discos, performing with the stage name of Velenia or Dea. She also covered many songs, posting them in the web. There aren't news about Colomba Pane, who has retired from the music business.


  • 2006 – LS3 (Universal Music Italia)
  • Singles

  • 2003 – Stile (Universal Music Italia – #24 Italy)
  • References

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