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Luang Saranupraphan

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Name  Luang Saranupraphan

Died  1954
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Luang Saranupraphan (Nuan Pachinphayak) (Thai: หลวงสารานุประพันธ์ (นวล ปาจิณพยัคฆ์); 1896–1954) was a Thai writer. He is most known for writing the lyrics of the Thai National Anthem.

Saranupraphan edited the journals Sena sueksa lae phae witthayasat ("Military studies and the spread of science") and Saranukun. His most important novels are Phrae Dam ("Black Satin") and Na Phi ("The Ghost Face").

In 1939, when the name of the country was changed from Siam to Thailand, a competition was launched to create new lyrics, with those by Luang Saranupraphan winning.


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