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Longwood Avenue (IRT Pelham Line)

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Division  A (IRT)
Services  6  (all times)
Structure  Underground
Borough  The Bronx
Locale  Longwood
Line  IRT Pelham Line
Transit connections  NYCT Bus: Bx19, Bx46
Platforms  2 side platforms
Opened  7 January 1919
Tracks  3
Longwood Avenue (IRT Pelham Line)
Address  Bronx, NY 10455, United States
Similar  Hunts Point Avenue, Buhre Avenue, Cypress Avenue, Whitlock Avenue, Elder Avenue

Longwood Avenue is a local station on the IRT Pelham Line of the New York City Subway. It is served by the 6 train at all times and is located at Longwood Avenue and Southern Boulevard in the Bronx.


Station layout

This underground station, opened on January 7, 1919, and has three tracks and two side platforms. The center express track is used by the weekday peak direction <6> service.

Both platforms have their original Dual Contracts mosaic trim line and name tablets. The Vickers geometric design shows a diamond pattern in sea-foam green with a border of darker green mixed with blue. "L" plaques for "Longwood Avenue" run along the trim line at regular intervals. The name tablets are bordered in mixed shades of green and brown, and read "LONGWOOD AVE." in all-caps, serif white lettering on a mottled blue background. Light green I-beam columns run along the platforms at their center at regular intervals with every other one having the standard black name plate with white lettering.

Both platforms were extended at either ends in the 1960s to accommodate the current standard length of an IRT train (510 feet). The extensions are noticeable as they are narrower than the rest of the platforms, have no columns, and the trim line is blue with "LONGWOOD AVE" in white sans serif font. The extensions result in the platforms being slightly offset.

There are no crossovers or crossunders to allow free transfers between directions. The southbound platform has a green fiberglass bucket seat bench built in the extended area in the 1960s.


Both platforms have one same-level fare control area at the east (railroad north) end. Each one has a turnstile bank, token booth, and two street stairs. The ones on the Pelham Bay Park-bound platform go up to the either southern corners of Southern Boulevard and Longwood Avenue while the ones on the Manhattan-bound platform go up to either northern corners.


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