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Longmont Potion Castle Volume 6

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Released  January 1, 2008
Length  78:17
Volume 6 (2008)  Volume 7 (2009)
Release date  1 January 2008
Genre  Comedy
Recorded  2005-2007, ?
Label  DU Records
Artist  Longmont Potion Castle
Producer  Longmont Potion Castle
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Longmont potion castle volume 6 2008

Longmont Potion Castle Volume 6 is the seventh album of prank phone calls by the anonymous artist known only as Longmont Potion Castle. It was released January 1, 2008 by DU Records.


LPC noted in a 2007 interview that he was inspired to finish the record after stumbling onto the Hispanic bar owner featured on "Moisturization", "Citation", and "Sandyman". The victim, called dozens of times at his Los Angeles-area business, "was a random number I called when I was bored one day. It ended up becoming the highlight of the album — he gets really, really angry."

Track listing

  1. "Radial Saw"
  2. "Radio Julius"
  3. "Moisturizer"
  4. "Hound Bowel"
  5. "Dog Gnash"
  6. "Horsewhip"
  7. "Frogleg"
  8. "Lobster"
  9. "Citation"
  10. "I Am a Cop"
  11. "Gangs and Your Business"
  12. "Grover"
  13. "Tubular Malpractice"
  14. "Sandyman"
  15. "Telechoice"
  16. "Holmes (Featuring Tesla)"
  17. "Can O' B.S."
  18. "Yucatan Suckerman"
  19. "Good Faith"
  20. "Fiddle Faddle"
  21. "McNuts"
  22. "Watch Hut"
  23. "Interlude Finale"


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