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Lithuanian Native pig

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Conservation status  At risk
Country of origin  Lithuania
Other names  Lietuvos vietinÄ—
Similar  Belarus Black Pied pig, Ba Xuyen, Belgian Landrace, Mukota, British Lop

The Lithuanian Native pig (Lithuanian: Lietuvos vietinÄ—) is a landrace of the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) native to Lithuania. This breed (in the broad sense) can be traced back to ancient times, and is one of the oldest pig varieities in Europe. It is a middle-sized breed.

The Lithuanian Native pig's typical features include wattles on the neck, and usually large black spots on the body, but colour variations include black-and-white, ginger, black, and tri-coloured. They have a friendly temperament. Being insensitive to sun, these pigs are suitable for grazing.

The Lithuanian Native's characteristics were used in producing the Lithuanian White, a standardized breed, and many Russian breeds. Now Lithuanian Native pigs are very rare even in Lithuania and in danger of extinction extinct. However, since 1993 a group of about 200 animals are preserved in the Institute of Animal Sciences


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