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List of mathematical identities

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This page lists mathematical identities, that is, identically true relations holding in mathematics.

  • Bézout's identity (despite of its usual name, it is not, properly speaking, an identity)
  • Binomial inverse theorem
  • Binomial identity
  • Brahmagupta–Fibonacci two-square identity
  • Candido's identity
  • Cassini and Catalan identities
  • Degen's eight-square identity
  • Difference of two squares
  • Euler's four-square identity
  • Euler's identity
  • Fibonacci's identity see Brahmagupta–Fibonacci identity or Cassini and Catalan identities
  • Heine's identity
  • Hermite's identity
  • Lagrange's identity
  • Lagrange's trigonometric identities
  • MacWilliams identity
  • Matrix determinant lemma
  • Parseval's identity
  • Pfister's sixteen-square identity
  • Sherman–Morrison formula
  • Sun's curious identity
  • Vandermonde's identity
  • Woodbury matrix identity
  • Identities for classes of functions

  • Logarithmic identities
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Hypergeometric function identities
  • Summation identities
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