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List of level editors

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This is a list of level editors for video games. Level editors allow for the customization and modification of levels within games.


  • Artifex Terra 3D, freeware 3D terrain, outdoor scene and world editor based on the Ogre3D engine, output in generic formats. Open source scene loader.
  • Camoto Studio, an open-source Windows/Linux level, graphics and music editor for a number of early-1990s DOS games
  • Gamestudio a commercial level editor for the gamestudio engine
  • Goji Editor Game / app editor and IDE, level / UI layout, code editing and debugging
  • Grome by Quad Software
  • GtkRadiant by id Software, Loki Software, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch
  • Future Pinball - A pinball editor.
  • QuArK, Quake Army Knife editor, for a variety of engines (such as Quake III Arena, Half-Life, Source engine games, Torque, etc.)
  • Quiver (level editor), a level editor for the original Quake engine developed solely for the Classic Macintosh Operating System by Scott Kevill, who is also the developer and administrator of GameRanger
  • SabreCSG a commercial CSG level editor for the Unity game engine
  • Tile Studio general purpose sprite/level editor for game programmers
  • ToeTag, a level editor for the original Quake engine, natively developed on and for the Apple OS X operating system
  • Visual Pinball
  • Stencyl includes a Scene Designer module which is used to place tiles, actors, and assign behaviors and settings.
  • SALTR, web-based, real-time level editor for 2D games that supports tiled, matching, bubble-shooter and 2D canvas based games (runners, arcade and etc.).
  • Tiled Editor, an open-source tiled map editor.
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